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who are we?


Supporting personal, educational, and professional growth in young individuals.


Strengthening ties and understanding within the European community through active citizenship.


Advocating for the protection and respect of our environment.


Fighting against discrimination and promoting equality, empathy, and inclusion in Europe.

The Association aims to improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including young people with fewer opportunities. We advocate for active European citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, and solidarity. With a strong focus on environmental awareness and sustainability, we aim for a brighter, greener future. Additionally, we enhance educational opportunities for youth and reinforce the link between volunteering and professional growth.

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The principles that guide us

Involvement, Volunteering, Impartiality and Unity.

International partnerships

Erasmus+ projects


ARYAS and Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ Experience

Embark on a Journey with ARYAS: Explore our latest Erasmus+ project calls for selection and start working on your development.

Cultural Exchange

Through Erasmus+ youth mobilities, ARYAS offers you the unique opportunity to experience varied European environments, enriching your perspective and understanding of different cultures.

Boost Your Skills

By participating in these projects with us, you’ll gain valuable life and professional skills through our mobility programs, setting the foundation for your future and expanding your European network.

Financial Support

Erasmus+ covers the costs of youth mobility projects, financing aspects like travel, accommodation, and program-related expenses, ensuring you can engage in international exchanges without facing almost any cost.


Voices of Impact: Hear from those we’ve touched on their learning journeys with ARYAS.


“Inspiring experience organized by this talented group of people, many laughs and good messages spread around!”



Being a volunteer with ARYAS has been a great experience for me. I initially joined to give back to the community but ended up gaining much more than I gave. The skills I’ve learned, the friendships I’ve made, and the feeling of making a real impact have been invaluable.



“Thank you for the projects you do. I met so many interesting, kind and supportive people. Was a week of perfectly spent time.“



“What makes volunteering at ARYAS special is the sense of community and purpose that is evident in every project. Whether it’s an Erasmus+ mobility project or a local activity, ARYAS makes sure each volunteer feels included, valued, and motivated to give their best.”



Here are some recent projects that our volunteers have been involved in. We’re proud to say that these projects have been successful and achieved great results. Check them out!



A project aiming to educate individuals on the impact they have on the environment and empower them to make positive changes toward a healthier and sustainable future through awareness and understanding of environmental protection measures.

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A project aiming to empower youth workers to effectively integrate ecology into their youth work practices through education, networking, and the development of tools and methods, leading to the creation of a sustainable and active NGO working network.

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A project aiming to combat the growing trend of Euroscepticism, particularly among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe, where there is a prevalent lack of understanding about how the EU functions and why is the European Project so important for all of us.

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