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Data Rights are Human Rights

Romania, 13-22 September 2021
Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

Regardless of the country you are leaving in, there is a chance of being exposed to certain dangers when it comes to personal data. The Internet is a place where there are very few rules and which has the power to unite but also to divide. We have to be able to protect ourselves in the online environment and, through this project, this is what we want the achieve. 

About the project

Young people expressed their fear of the harmful effect of misusing personal data and how it might evolve. It’s a known thing, with no need for examples or demonstrations, as technology advances exponentially. Therefore, personal data will be processed, systematized and transformed into control methods with increasing accuracy and efficiency. Without a trace of exaggeration, in a short time, people will be to such an extent dependent on the information from outside and influenced by them, that it will reach an irreversible state in which their own discernment can be completely lacking.
Although this scenario seems bleak, it is at this point only a reason why we should take seriously what happens to our personal data. We are more than responsible for our future and it is natural to want to belong to us.


To increase the capacity of young people to protect themselves in the online environment, by:
1. Increasing the capacity of 35 young people to identify the false and manipulative elements of the online environment.
2. Development of knowledge regarding the European legislation and the rights related to the protection of personal data for 35 young people.


During 8 days, 35 young people from Romania, Turkey, North Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Greece and Poland will participate in a Youth Exchange where using non-formal education methods, we’ll addresses problems such as digital footprint, what it means to be a good digital citizen, what is copyright, what are the implications of stealing digital content, data rights protection, GDPR legislation, facial recognition in the context of personal data processing, cyberbullying fake news etc., providing young people with the space to share their knowledge and their fears regarding the online environment, experience new things and discover new information, and become more able to stay safe in the online environment.

Stay around to find our more about our project and check the project results! 

The project „Data Rights are Human Rights” is financed with the support of European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme. This blog reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.