About Us - Mission & vision

At ARYAS, we believe that the youth are the architects of the future. Our name, ARYAS, stands for Arges Youth Association, a moniker that reflects our commitment to nurturing the potential of young individuals initially in our local area of Arges county, but now, all over Europe and even more.


We shape a piece of future!

At ARYAS, we don’t just dream of a better future; we actively work towards it. We envision a world where every individual is empowered with knowledge, skills, and opportunities. A world where every voice matters and every individual can make a positive difference.


Our mission is to contribute to the personal, social, and civic development of people.

We envision a future where every young person is empowered to build a stronger, more educated, and more open society.

The story of our organization is best symbolized by our logo. The ‘Y’ in our logo represents ‘Youth’, the heart of our association. This isn’t just a letter, but a symbol that stands for the potential and promise of every young individual we strive to empower. It is a reminder of our commitment to the youth of today, who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

The two hands in our logo represent unity, cooperation, and mutual support. They are the hands of different individuals shaking in agreement, symbolizing our belief in the power of collaboration and understanding. At ARYAS, we believe that when people from different backgrounds come together, they can achieve great things. This belief is the bedrock of our association.

Encircling the ‘Y’ and the two shaking hands is a circle. This circle is more than just a shape; it’s a symbol of our commitment to inclusivity and unity. It represents our belief in a world where everyone, irrespective of their background, has an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to society.

The ‘Y’ in our logo not only represents ‘Youth’ but also raises an essential question: Why? Why do we strive for a more inclusive world? Why should anyone be left out of this loop of opportunity and growth? Why not envision a world where no one is left behind?  After all, ‘Y’ not?

Together, the elements of our logo tell the story of ARYAS: an association committed to empowering youth through unity, collaboration, and inclusivity. We strive to shape a piece of the future – a future where every individual has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to society and personal growth.

Together, we can shape the world of tomorrow. Together, we are ARYAS.