About Us - Our history

The journey of ARYAS began in 2015 from the shared vision of five individuals eager to foster a more educated, and inclusive society in Romania and beyond.

How everything started?

Although we were young and inexperienced, uncertainty did not deter us. We were united by a firm belief in our ability to bring positive change in our community. This conviction fueled our journey, driving us to learn, grow, and evolve with every step we took. In the face of challenges, we turned to each other for support and inspiration, reinforcing our determination to shape a better future.

From the very beginning, we decided to emphasize volunteer-based activities, with no material interest, embodying the principles of involvement, impartiality, and unity. The mission was clear – to support and empower the youth.

Despite starting small, our team's passion and dedication were far from it. Our initial activities were focused on the Argeș county, specifically in the area of the town of Curtea de Argeș and the surrounding villages. However, our vision was always broader. We aimed to expand our reach and impact, striving for collaborations on a national and international level.

Our achievements

what we do that makes us different

Over the years, ARYAS has grown exponentially, both in terms of size and impact. In 2021, we received accreditation in the field of youth under the Erasmus+ Program, a significant recognition of our commitment and dedication to youth development.

We have since participated as a partner in over 50 Erasmus+ projects on various topics such as EU citizenship, EU awareness and democracy, inclusion and equity, ICT and digital competencies, health and well-being, environment and climate change, gender equality, and more. We have established international partnerships with tens of NGOs and youth informal groups across Europe, opening up new opportunities and experiences for young people and youth workers.

In terms of local activities, we have successfully organized national painting camps and art exhibitions. We've also led local international projects and initiatives on environment, active citizenship, European consciousness, inclusion, human rights, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development, both online and offline.

Today, ARYAS is recognized as a significant player in youth development. We remain committed to our mission and continue to work tirelessly towards shaping a better future. Our journey from a small group of five individuals to a leading youth association is a will to our unwavering dedication and belief in the power of youth. And while we celebrate our achievements, we also look forward to the many milestones yet to come.