Active Reader, Active Citizen

Youth Exchange: 24 February - 2 March 2022 (including travel days)
Call status: OpenDeadline for applications: 10.01.2022


Active Reader Active Citizen aims to emphasise the important role of regular reading culture, either printed or digital resources, in being able to have necessary demanded profile of youth in 21 century and help the youth develop that skills while learning interactively involving in the activities. While being included actively in the multicultural atmosphere of Erasmus+ program, the youth will be able to develop active learning culture, using the mother tongue effectively, emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility and empathy in cultural, social, emotional and self-improvement aspects which plays such a key role in society. 

Date & Place:

24 February – 2 March 2022, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey

Participant’s profile:

  • Has between 18 and 30 years old;
  • Has Romanian Nationality or Residency;
  • Is interested in the project topic;
  • Is motivated to participate in this youth exchange;
  • We strongly recommend the participants to be vaccinated. 

Group Leaders:

  • Has at least 18 years old (no upper limit);
  • Has interpersonal and communication skills, team spirit, strategic thinking oriented to results;
  • Has coordination, planning and organization skills;
  • Has experience in working with young people;
  • Has an advanced level of English;
  • We strongly recommend the leader to be vaccinated. 

Selection Criteria:

  • Fitting in the participants’ profile;
  • Motivation to participate;
  • The quality of the application;
  • Gender balance;
  • Linguistic skills.

Obligations of the participants:

  • The selected participants assume to actively involve in the entire activities proposed by the organizers as well as during the dissemination and evaluation stage;
  • The participants assume to behave responsably and to respect the conduite rules imposed by the organisers;
  • It is madatory for the participants to purchase private travel insurance.

Other information:

  • Number of participants: 6 per country + 1 group leader;
    Partner countries: Romania, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain;
  • An amount of 25 euro will be perceived by the sending organisation as a co-financing of the participant to the project; The fee must be paid by bank transfer in the NGOs account in maximum 48 hours after the selected participant’s confirmation to involve in the project;
  • Selection results: Will be announced by email in maxim 5 days after the deadline;
  • If necessary, COVID tests are eligible for reimbursement, but only for the vaccinated participants with the complete scheme;
  • For information about traveling to Turkey, please consult the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs – here.