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Youth Exchange: 14-22 April 2022 (including travel days)
Call status: OpenDEADLINE APPLICATIONS: 1.04.2022


Through this project, we want to provide young people with the opportunity to involve as active citizens for environmental protection, to develop critical thinking skills and encourage them to question prevailing opinions, to strengthen their values relevant to sustainability such as empathy, equality, solidarity, responsibility, to raise their level of concern for future generations, and to increase their appreciation of nature.
This project aims to promote among young people understanding of key concepts and principles related to sustainability:

  • To develop young people’s knowledge of environmental and social issues at both local and global levels through experiential learning;
  • To encourage youth active participation for sustainability promotion, including at the personal, local or global scale. 

Date & Place:

14 – 22 April 2022, Căpățâneni, Romania

Participant’s profile:

  • Is between 18 and 30 years old;
  • Comes from rural, disadvantaged areas or small cities with limited infrastructure, educational and health services;
  • holds a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate during the whole period of the mobility (fully vaccination – not older than 9 months; fully vaccination + booster; COVID-19 positive in the past 180 days before the last day of the mobility);
  • Has Romanian nationality or residency;
  • Is motivated to participate in this youth exchange and is interested in the proposed topic;
  • Has basic digital skills and is willing to learn;
  • Is open to diversity and interculturality;
  • Assumes the responsibility that they will share with others the knowledge, attitudes and abilities learned and that will be actively involved in all stages of the project.

Group Leader:

  • Is at least 18 years old;
  • Holds a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate during the whole period of the mobility;
  • Has digital, interpersonal, and communication skills, team spirit, and strategic thinking oriented to results;
  • Promotes a positive attitude at the group level; • is proficient in English;
  • Is experienced in volunteering and non-formal education as well as in working with vulnerable young people;
  • Promotes active engagement and teamwork;
  • Is motivated to get to know the young people, to identify and to support their learning needs throughout the project;
  • Is eager to be actively involved during the mobility period and assumes to fulfill all responsibilities delegated to this position;
  • Has competencies to evaluate the learning process of young people.

Selection Criteria:

  • Fitting in the participants’ profile;
  • Motivation to participate;
  • The quality of the application;
  • Gender balance;
  • Linguistic skills.

Obligations of the participants:

  • The selected participants assume to be actively involved in the entire activities proposed by the organizers as well as during the dissemination and evaluation stage;
  • The participants assume to behave responsibly and to respect the etiquette rules imposed by the organizers.

Other information:

  • Number of participants: 4 Participants + 1 Leader;
  • Selection results: Will be announced by email in maxim 5 days after the deadline.