Just Do It


On short

Project type: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Mobility

Duration: 16-25 September 2021.

Partners: ARYAS NGO – Romania | Gyermek-Mosoly Gyermek Es Ifjusagi Egyesulet – Hungary | United Youth Spirit – Slovakia | Sdruzhenie Globalno Obedinenie za Inovatsii Razvitie i Obrazovanie – Bulgaria | Zdruzenie Na Studenti Po Pravo I Mladi Pravnici Pavel Satev Kocani – North Macedonia

Place: Nyiregyhaza, Hungary

Objectives: providing participants with knowledge and skills necessary to implement youth projects; providing participants with tools to develop leadership skills in order to motivate them to become active citizens; intercultural education.

Participants experience



This whole “Erasmus +” experience was definitely unique in many ways. I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to discover so many beautiful souls with different and beautiful mentalities. It was truly fascinating to meet so many people of different nationalities, to share so many things and to cooperate so much. We have formed a really beautiful group. I am very grateful for everything. I’m more than excited that we managed to create such a bond between us. For this, I just wanna thank you! And I also want to thank my friend for telling me about this project. Certainly, this experience will not be the last for me. I can’t wait to participate in as many projects as possible. Don’t be afraid, “Just do it” because otherwise, you will be sorry. Keep this in mind! I hope to see you all soon!

So, the week passed already and I feel like it was very interesting making these kind of activities that normally I don’t really like, but most of them were fun and I enjoyed them. Also, you guys were really great and I’m glad that I met you and maybe we will meet again one day. One of the things that really surprised me was the place that I didn’t expect to be that cool. And let’s not forget about Bella, well I named her Costel. She was best friend with anyone at the “farm”, good doggy. Well, that’s all from me, see ya.


This experience showed me again friendships have no borders and nationality. We had a lot of fun, especially at cultural nights and after parties. We bonded with each other very well and you will not be missed. At the workshops we learned that leadership means more than social influence and guidance, it means communication, developing skills and so on. I want to thank the leaders and the organizations for making this possible and the participants for the perfect time we spent together.



“Just do it” was my 4th Erasmus+ project until now and for sure not the last one. For me was a really nice experience to improve myself in so many different subjects like communication, language skills, friendships and more. I am glad that I overcame all my fears and fulfilled all of my expectations about this project. I am definitely looking forward to take part again in another ones, to have the opportunity to meet again with such amazing people, have a lot of fun and allow myself to grow as a person. Thank you for everything and everyone.


This experience has taught me a lot about group dynamics and how to make yourself noticed. I think this was an excellent youth exchange where we made connections while learning about each other’s cultures. We all face the same issues, but we act differently based on our instincts and knowledge. Obviously, cooperation is key and we shall always take a calculated risk. Leadership is such a strong word, but I think this project taught us how to start a project from one idea and then adapt in such way so things can work out.



I’m so grateful for having taken part in this project and meeting such beautiful and special people. It was my first time interacting with people from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary and Macedonia and I was surprised to discover how much our cultures have in common. I was happy to have this experience together with people who have already been on other Erasmus+ projects, but also with people who were doing this for the first time. It made me think about my first Erasmus+ experience and how much I’ve evolved since then. A big thank you for the organisers and for everyone in this project, because together we created a memorable week.

For me, this project was the first of its kind and will certainly not be the last. I met so many wonderful people with fantastic energy here. Together we managed to make this experience unique. I hope we keep in touch and remember all the wonderful moments spent here. A big thank you to the organizers of this project and to the people who made these days unforgettable. Thanks for everything! I hope to see you again someday… Love you all and remember carpe diem… Just do it!


Guys! Unfortunately, time passing doesn’t forgive anyone. For me, these days passed like the speed of a bullet and that happens when the people who are next to you make you feel perfect. I am glad of participated in this project. In my opinion, this type of cooperation is rare. We became a Family here and the family means unity. The unity creates power. So we are the Power. I really hope to keep the contact with all of you because you made me interested in visiting your countries.


The project „Just do it” was financed with the support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme. This blog reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.