Finished Projects

Take a look at the projects we’ve wrapped up. Simple ideas turned into meaningful results. We learn, grow, and deliver with each endeavor. Thank you for being part of our journey.


A project aiming to educate individuals on the impact they have on the environment and empower them to make positive changes toward a healthier and sustainable future through awareness and understanding of environmental protection measures.

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A project aiming to empower youth workers to effectively integrate ecology into their youth work practices through education, networking, and the development of tools and methods, leading to the creation of a sustainable and active NGO working network.

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A project aiming to combat the growing trend of Euroscepticism, particularly among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe, where there is a prevalent lack of understanding about how the EU functions and why is the European Project so important for all of us.

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A project aiming to empower young people from rural and disadvantaged areas to use photography as a tool to raise awareness about the importance of preserving natural habitats in their communities and beyond.

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An Erasmus+ Participatory Activity aiming to provide young people with an opportunity to gain insights into the functioning of the EU and comprehend its tools and responsibilities.

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A project aiming to promote among young people understanding of key concepts and principles related to sustainability materialized into “The art of upcycling / Upcycling into ART” approach.

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