Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, Romania

 4th – 13th October 2019


Through this project, we wanted to contribute to reducing the level of social exclusion, stereotyping and discrimination, by photography and promotion of European values.
In today’s world, almost everyone has the access to photography – wherever they go, people are making, either with mobile phones or with professional devices, photographs that illustrate places, friendships, or experiences, often used as a way of communication on social networks. On the other hand, the issue of social exclusion at the European level still reveals the need for action and involvement in diminishing it despite the European Union’s sustained efforts.

With these two in mind, we start promoting social inclusion and European Values using photography as a tool. 


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The project activities were based on non-formal learning methods. The youth exchange lasted for 10 days and we started, of course with name games and ice-breakers in order to get to know each other and to begin the project with a positive mood that accompanied us during the whole time. We also shared our fears regarding the project, set expectations and  reflect on how we are going to follow them, we established learning objectives, and shared knowledge about Erasmus+ and Youthpass Certificate. In the next two days we discussed the concepts of discrimination, social exclusion and European values.  We continued by learning from each other the technical aspects of the photographic art. The rest of the program was oriented towards the realization of the exhibition – discussing about the impact of a photography, the message behind the picture, etc. after which we started the practical part – making and selecting photos, editing and printing them, and finally….


The Exhibition

Pictures Inspire Civil Society

An experience…

Our first Erasmus+ project, our top first 3 experience in our lives. Pictures Inspire Civil Society, a project who aimed to promote social inclusion and European values through photography. And we definitely did!

We heard about Erasmus+ programme for the first time when one of I like Czersk NGO representative come to our school to present us this project opportunity. We decided to pull the trigger and go! We did our homework in the preparation stage and with every day and every activity we did in this part of the project we wore more and more impatient.  Finally, the day we took the train, the plane, the bus and with the help of the Saint GPS, we finally arrived in Bucharest from where Cristiana, one of the ARYAS members and our facilitator drove us to Corbeni, the place where we spend the next 10 days.

In the beginning we were a little scared, but with every activity, we become part of the big PICS family. Every day we learned a lot of things about Erasmus+, social exclusion, discrimination, European values, different cultures, customs… and, of course, photography. We did not take a professional photography before, but here we were, with our pictures posted on a wall in a small exhibition in Curtea de Arges museum. Wow! We were so proud!

The last day came so fast… we had to go, but parts of us remained there in Romania, some went in Greece, Spain, some in Turkey and Italy, some in North Macedonia and Lithuania, all with our new friends we will never forget.

When we came back to Poland after the Youth Exchange in Romania our families, friends, colleagues in school, everyone was very wonder how was there. At first we told them about all 12 days, about cultural evenings, fun and friend who we met there. They were a little bit jealous, but general it was funny. We made short online presentation about what we did and what we learned and sent it on school page, in order to let other people learn from our experience. It included mainly pictures. We got the highest marks in school and compliment in the register.

This time in Romania was one the best time in our lives!

I found out different cultures, traditions and values, new places, beautiful and kind people. I am so happy I decided to involve in this project.

I will send all my friends in Erasmus.. they do not know what they loose!

I will miss you so much! 

During this project, I discovered the beauty of diversity. I become richer with this experience and more aware of the world.

At first, it was difficult for me to communicate, but after a couple of days, all this border just disappeared…

Everything was so well organized and we learned a lot about photography, social inclusion and discrimination. 

The project „Picture Inspires Civil Society” was financed with the support of European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme. This blog reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.