Healthy outside starts from the inside

Youth Exchange |
 Wrocław, Poland | 
General Theme: Sport

Project dates:

Project dates: 30/06/2024 
– 13/07/2024


Deadline for applications: 05/06/2024

About the project

In the world that lives in a hurry, we want to implement a project that will increase awareness, especially among young people, of leading a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity, care for proper nutrition, acceptance of your own body, showing the harmfulness of stimulants and the relationship between civilization diseases and an inappropriate lifestyle are problems that we would like to raise during the project and develop solutions that will allow us and other young people to instill healthy eating habits, counteract obesity and severe diseases resulting from neglect of the body and increase the frequency of physical activity. The project will be based on activities, simulations, discussions and meetings prepared by individual groups, partly in cooperation with experts in a field related to our project. We want to exchange insights and experiences, achieve greater independence, fight for a good future and encourage the wider community to get involved in the subject of our project and spread knowledge about leading a healthy lifestyle. In our project, we want to focus on both the physical and mental condition of the body and raise the topic of the lack of acceptance of one’s body, which is more and more popular among young people and turns out to be fatal for the psyche of a young person. By implementing social campaigns and local events, we want to mutually motivate ourselves and other people to fight for their health and promote self- acceptance among young people.

What is a Youth Exchange?

A Youth Exchange is a unique opportunity to step out of your usual routine and collaborate with young people from different countries. For a week or more, you come together to tackle real-world issues like environmental conservation or social inclusion. During this time, participants engage in a range of educational and cultural activities, including workshops, discussions, and team-building exercises often centered around a specific theme or social issue. You’ll not only gain new perspectives but also develop valuable skills like teamwork, critical thinking, and communication. It’s a chance to make a meaningful impact while learning and growing with peers from diverse backgrounds.

Participants’ Profile

1. Is between 18 and 22 years old;
2. Has Romanian Nationality or Residency;
3. Presents knowledge/interest in the topic;
4. Is motivated to participate in this youth exchange;
5. Is open to diversity and interculturality;
6. Assume that they will share with others the knowledge, attitudes and abilities learned, and that they will be actively involved in all stages of the project.

Group leaders:
1. At least 18 years old;
2. Have interpersonal and communication skills, team spirit, strategic thinking oriented to results;
3. Promote a positive attitude at the group level;
4. Have coordination, planning and organization skills;
5. Have an advanced level of English;
6. Have experience in volunteering, non-formal education and youth;
7. Have competences to evaluate the learning process of young people.

Number of participants

10 participants + 1 group leader

Selection criteria

1. Fitting in the participants’ profile;
2. Motivation to participate and the quality of the application;
3. Aryas NGO volunteers and the members of the communities we are activating in have priority in the selection process;
4. Gender balance;
5. Priority will be given to the candidates with fewer opportunities and those who have not participated in the Erasmus+ program until now.

Selection procedure

1. Carefully read through the info-pack and participant contract to make sure you understand the project details and requirements.
2. Complete the application form with accurate and complete information. We strongly advise you to fill out the application form by yourself and to be honest and original in your responses. The purpose of the application is to get to know you better and to understand why you are interested in our project. It is important that your application reflects your own thoughts and ideas.
3. Submit your application before the deadline. Please note that late applications may not be considered.
4. After the application deadline has passed, we will notify you of the results by email, in a maximum of 5 working days. Please check your email regularly and also your spam folder in case our email gets filtered there.
5. If you are selected to participate in the project, you will be required to sign the participant contract within 2 days and send it back to us via email. Please read the contract carefully and ensure that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions before signing.
6. Once you have completed all the necessary steps, you will be ready to participate in the project. We will provide you with all the additional instructions or guidelines to ensure that you have a successful and enjoyable experience.

Participants’ obligations and responsibilities

1. Attendance and Punctuality: Participants are required to attend all scheduled activities, workshops, and meetings. Being punctual is essential.
2. Active Participation: Active involvement in all group activities is expected. This includes asking questions, sharing insights, and contributing to discussions and complete all activities outlined in the provided info-pack as part of their obligations for the duration of the program.
3. Respect and Inclusion: Participants should treat everyone—fellow participants, organizers, and community members—with respect and dignity. Discrimination of any kind is not acceptable.
4. Cultural Sensitivity: Participants are expected to be respectful of the cultural norms and customs of the host country and fellow participants from different backgrounds.
5. Safety Guidelines: Compliance with all safety instructions and guidelines provided by the organizers is mandatory.
6. Reimbursement: Participants are responsible for keeping all receipts and submitting them in a timely manner for reimbursement.
7. Dissemination: Participants should share the experiences and knowledge gained during the program in their home communities, both during and after the program, via social media, blogs, or community presentations.
8. Evaluation: Participants must complete surveys or feedback forms to help the organizers assess the impact and effectiveness of the program.
9. Legal Compliance: Participants should comply with all local, state, and national laws of the host country during the program.
10. Confidentiality: Any sensitive or confidential information shared during the program should not be disclosed to unauthorized individuals.
11. Health and Insurance: It’s the participant’s responsibility to inform the organizers of any health issues or dietary restrictions they may have and to secure any required or recommended insurance.
12. Contractual Agreement: Participants are expected to read, understand, and adhere to any contracts or agreements provided by the organizers.


1. Accommodation: The organizers cover the costs of your stay. This usually includes lodging in hotels or hostels as described in the info-pack.
2. Meals and Coffee Breaks: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and scheduled coffee breaks are provided by the organizing team, with no cost from your side. This allows you to focus on the activities and socializing rather than worrying about meals.
3. Transportation: You will need to pay for your transport initially, but these expenses are reimbursed later by the organizers, in the Erasmus+ limits. This typically covers flights, trains, and local transport like buses or metro. Please check carefully the info-pack for more details.
4. Activities and Materials: All activities, workshops, and materials needed for the program are provided by the organizers. This can range from educational materials to equipment for specific activities like dance or sports.
5. Contribution Fee: There is a standard contribution fee of 25 euros that participants are required to pay to our association’s account. This fee helps to cover administrative costs and also supports those with fewer opportunities to participate. If you face financial hardships that make it difficult to pay this fee, you can request an exemption by contacting us directly. Documentation, such as a letter explaining your situation or proof of low income, may be required. Once you have made the contribution, you’ll need to include proof of payment when submitting your participant contract.

Other information

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at