“Erasmus+ gave us the opportunity to see the world in different colors.”
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We all have prejudices, whether we like it or not. This country this and this nation that… We don´t realize that we are in this together. We all need to answer the same questions, deal with the same problems. As the saying goes: “Two heads are better than one.” That is why we are very thankful we could be a part of a project that made us experience our similarity and showed us our qualities.


The topic of the Erasmus+ project was EU101 – how the EU works, its basic structure, what makes it what it is today. We even ran through its history, talked about what our opportunities are or what we as young people can offer to the world. Surprisingly, we explored not only the EU and the outside world but held skill-developing sessions to find out more about our abilities and talent, as well as debates, expressing our opinions and supporting them with arguments. Around 8 representatives from five countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland) surrounded by Romanian nature and supportive mates doing what they love to do. Learn in an informal way, talk, laugh, take a lot of photos, work on presentations, but most importantly, discover we are completely the same. No matter if you are from Bulgaria or Slovakia, trust me or not, you go through exactly the same problems, questions and uncertainty in your day-to-day life.


Erasmus+ gave us the opportunity to see the world in different colors. To experience its tastes, smells, textures, opinions, opportunities, views, laughs and, above all, friendships and knowledge that we can now use to enhance the quality of our surroundings. During the second mobility (in the headquarters of the EU – Brussels, Belgium), sitting on a bench in front of the European Parliament seeing all the MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) walking in and out and realizing that no matter how small we think, we are, we can, indeed, move and change and fail and succeed but mostly importantly try all together as one moving object to live a better life for others, ourselves and build something bigger than us, something that will not only make us proud but also pleased. With the help of one force that holds us together – being a part of the European Union.


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